Clean Foods

CJ Vina Agri conducted successful research to come up with the pig raising process named "180 + 1 Perfect Days" and officially launched a high-end clean meat retail chain with MeatMaster and Pork Shop brands at the end of 2020.

After being raised in a closed 180-day process and having their quality inspected with modern technology, pigs will be transported to a qualified slaughterhouse licensed by the Government.

The pork meat is processed within 1 day in a cold environment to maintain its perfect freshness, ensuring uniformity in size and weight for each packaged portion. CJ Vina Agri's staff performs strict quality inspections during each production process.



A pig’s trotter is considered as the best cut of the pig
Marrowbones are is the bones in the front and hind legs of the pig
Pork tail is the last part of a pig
Pork tail bone is the bone that runs along the spine, next to the pork tail
Pork neck bone is the bone removed from a pig's neck
Pork belly is familiar to any housewife
Boneless pork belly is the meat left in the belly of a pig
Rib tips are a cut from the fifth rib to the end of a pig’s breast bone
Pork rind, also known as pork skin, is the skin of a pig
Back ribs are a cut with bigger harder bones and less meat than rib tips
A cut from the muscle located in the front and running along the central spine of a pig


Ham is lean, tender, sweet
Shoulder blade is a cut from the shoulder of a pig
Lean ham is considered as one of the most delicious and highest quality cuts from a pig
Pork fat is very familiar to every Vietnamese
Cutlet is the most delicious and expensive cut from a pig’s back
Fresh ham is a cut from the knee to the ham
Minced pork is the fresh pork ground
Pork collar is a soft cut consisting of alternate layers of fat and lean meat



Consider customers’ health as the top mission to ensure that customers are satisfied with product form, quality, and service standards when developing products. Customers are our close friends who accompany us, share, and remove difficulties so that CJ Vina Agri's meat products are present in every family’s meal.


Constantly improve product quality, improve technological processes, have optimal policies to encourage, connect, and develop existing and potential agents.


Each employee is the most valuable asset of CJ Vina Agri. In addition to creating a safe and sustainable working environment, CJ Vina Agri always upholds the responsibility of taking care of and improving the living standards of each employee, constantly creating opportunities for employees to improve, learn, and develop.


Committed to being a green business, always maintaining and promoting the most beneficial solutions for animals and the community, ensuring that the company's interests accompany the benefits of society.


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