Farm Business

CJ farm system of CJ Vina Agri is one of the leading units in the animal husbandry industry with a wide range of large farms across the country, always gaining credit, trust, and customer satisfaction, creating a value chain that supplies traceable quality breeders at stable prices by applying a modern technology model that meets international standards on animal husbandry.

CJ Farm operates the most advanced animal husbandry system, applying modern science and technology in creating a safe and comfortable living environment for animals, providing balanced and suitable nutrition sources for animals to adapt and develop their full potential. Besides, our team are leading experts in animal husbandry research, mastering each developmental stage of each animal. We also use high-quality animal feed products from Feed factories whose outstanding effectiveness, quality, and feasibility have been evaluated by current experimental farms and large-scale farms in the market.

After operating for a long time, with its outstanding quality and productivity, CJ Farm System has been affirming its brand and position in the market. CJ always aims to become a livestock enterprise meeting international standards in Vietnam to accompany farmers across the country in developing modern and sustainable industrial livestock production, providing quality foods for consumers.

CJ currently has about: 800 outsourcing pig farms, 80 centralized pig farms, 12 outsourcing chicken farms, 06 broiler breeder farms, 1 hatchery, 1 duck farm located across the country from the North to the South. In addition, our strong team who are highly qualified, professional, and experienced, working in branches, offices and farms across the country to bring convenience for customers, saving time and transportation costs. The farm system is diversified, operating under a closed model, combining pig raising, poultry raising, and aquaculture farming. CJ farm system is proud to bring optimal efficiency and varied choices to customers.



With a closed farming model combined with modern technology and techniques imported from the Netherlands, CJ farm system annually supplies to the market more than 20,000 pig breeders of all kinds.
CJ's first broiler breeder farm supplies to the market more than 36,000 breeders on average per month, operating under a closed farming model combined with modern science and technology.
CJ constantly focuses on researching and creating high-yield good-quality breeders that match consumers' tastes by applying scientific and technical advances in breeding.


Pig Farming

Industrial farms are controlled, applying high technology that ensures biosafety, and following the VietGAP process in raising livestock to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency. Many highly specialized hatcheries are planned to be set up to provide high-quality breeders at stable prices for farmers.

Chicken Farming

Develop the poultry farming industry towards modernity and industrialization of farms including centralized farms and farm households, exploit potentials and comparative advantages, and adapt to the domestic consumption market and the export demand.

Aquaculture Farming

Set the target of becoming a specialized production center with advanced technology, developing in all freshwater, brackish, and saltwater areas towards sustainability and environmental protection.