In 1999, CJ Group officially invested in an animal feed production line in Vietnam named CJ Vina Agri. In 2001, CJ Vina Agri established its first factory in Long An province. With the desire to become the leading animal feed manufacturing company in Vietnam, CJ Vina Agri has been constantly developing both its scale and position. Up to now, CJ Vina Agri has completed the closed farming process of Feed - Farm - Food with a team of more than 5,000 people in total and a network of factories and branches located in many provinces and cities in Vietnam.



- CJ Vina Agri opened its first factory in Long An province with a capacity of 330,000 tons/year.


- The company started to expand to the North market with the opening of Hung Yen factory with a capacity of 130,000 tons/year.

- Established CJ Vina Food (forerunner of Livestock)


- Completed the factory in Vinh Long province with a capacity of 90,000 tons/year, specializing in manufacturing aquaculture feeds.


- The first pig farm was established in Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province.

- The first broiler breeder farm was established in Binh Duong.


- Opened the Animal and Aquaculture Feed Factory in Dong Nai province with a capacity of 440,000 tons/year.

- Livestock Business in the North opened the first pig farm in Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province


- Opened a factory in Ha Nam province with a capacity of 320,000 tons/year.

- The first pig farm in the Central region was built in Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa province


- Opened a factory with a capacity of 72,000 tons/year in Binh Dinh province and an animal and aquaculture feed factory with a capacity of 174,000 tons/year in Mekong Delta.

- From the initial output of only 27,000 tons (2001), by 2010, CJ Vina Agri reached an output of 233 thousand tons in 2010 and an output of 1 million tons/year in 2018.

- In December 2018, a transit warehouse in Dong Nai province was put into operation with a sale of 2,000 heads/day


- CJ Vina Food changed its name to CJ Vina Agri - Binh Duong branch on 1 January 2019

- A pork processing factory was put into operation in December 2019


- Opened the first Meat Master clean meat store in Ho Chi Minh City.


- CJ Vina Agri celebrated its 20th anniversary.

- Opened the 2nd Meat Master clean meat store in Ho Chi Minh City

- Opened a new processing factory in Ho Chi Minh City

- Opened 3 pig transit warehouses in Binh Duong province, Dak Lak province, Ninh Thuan province

- On 27 April, CJ Vina Agri was honored to receive the title of "Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam"

- On 25 November, received PROFIT500 award of "Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam 2021"

Animal feed manufacturing factories across the country
(Feed, Aqua) customers across the country
Outsourcing pig farms
Centralized pig farms
Outsourcing chicken farms
Broiler breeder farms and hatchery
Pork Shop stores across the country
Meat Shop stores across the country
Cooperate with 2 Aquaculture Centers including An Giang Fisheries Breeding Center (AFB) and the Institute of Aquaculture Farming under Nha Trang University in doing researches.
Distribute clean meat to large supermarket chains across the country such as Lotte, Big C, King Food, San Ha Food, Tmart, GS25.
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Until 2021, CJ Korea Group has been operating and developing in Vietnam in manufacturing livestock - poultry - aquaculture feeds, operating cattle – poultry - aquaculture farms, and distributing clean meat across the country through the company named CJ Vina Agri.

Although 20 years is not too long, it is enough for us to position our name and affirm our value through the quality of each product. With our aspiration, we have developed from a new brand with only one factory located in Long An province and less than 100 employees to a leading animal feed company in Vietnam. After operating for more than 20 years, CJ Vina Agri has completed the 3F closed value chain (covering Feed - Farm – Food). Besides, the company has been the second largest business by revenue in the feed and farming industry in Vietnam.

Since 2001, CJ Vina Agri has expanded its scale to 7 feed manufacturing factories located throughout Vietnam with a capacity of more than 1 million tons/year. The factories in Hung Yen province and Ha Nam provinces supply products to the Northern region; the factory in Binh Dinh province supplies products to the central region; the factories in Long An province, Dong Nai province, Vinh Long province, and Mekong Delta supply products to the Southern region.

In order to provide the best animal feed products for the market, the production factories use modern machines and high technology that ensure quality, meet safety standards, and obtain ISO9001, Global GAP, and HACCP certifications.

CJ Vina Agri has more than 800 outsourcing farms in cooperation with farmers across the country with a total scale of up to 1 million pigs and 1 million chickens. The farms are equipped with modern equipment, safe and hygienic breeding environments, and experts focusing on closely managing the health of the pigs. The team in charge of raising animals must go through a thorough disinfection process before entering their work areas.

Along with production and business activities, CJ Vina Agri always focuses on environmental protection, training human resources towards sustainable development by organizing specialized councils such as the Safety - Health - Environment Council (HSE), developing staff training programs, and researching and applying many scientific and technological solutions for handling farming environment.

CJ Vina Agri conducted successful research to come up with the pig raising process named "180 + 1 Perfect Days" and officially launched a high-end clean meat retail chain with MeatMaster and Pork Shop brands at the end of 2020. To ensure the standard quality of the direct supply of pork to customers, the pigs after undergoing a 180-day breeding process will be transported to a state-licensed slaughterhouse.

For many years, CJ Vina Agri has well performed its social responsibility by conducting a number of activities such as creating the “Light Up The Dreams” Fund to support poor studious students to continue their education, making donations to people in the Central region suffering from severe floods, providing disadvantaged people across the country with funding for running their businesses and improving their lives, organizing medical examination and treatment for people in disadvantaged areas. In particular, in 2021, we donated to the Government's Fund for Covid-19 Prevention.

Ladies and gentlemen, CJ Vina Agri’s journey lasting 20 years with many challenges and achievements has reflected the right development strategy of CJ Group aligned with the development aspirations and needs of the Vietnamese Government. With the mission of "Bringing the best nutrition for the world", the company will make more efforts to bring clean meat products of the best quality for consumers, contributing to the development of the animal husbandry industry, and contributing to bringing health, joy, and convenience for the Vietnamese community.

Once again, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and distributors for constantly accompanying, supporting, and cooperating with CJ Vina Agri for mutual development so far.

Best regards,
General Director

Nam Ki Don





CJ is a multi-industry group of Korea, established in 1953 by Founder Lee Byung-chull. Used to be a branch of Samsung group, CJ was named CheilJedang and specialized in sugar production to meet Korea’s domestic sugar demand after the war.

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In 1993, CJ separated from Samsung Group to become an independent legal entity, determined to redirect its long-term vision from specializing in food production only to covering a comprehensive lifestyle through four core business lines including: Food and food services, Biotechnology, Logistics and retail, Entertainment and Media. CJ’s business philosophy that: "A business should always target the development of society" is clearly reflected in each business line and community activities of the Group in any country.
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CJ entered Vietnam’s market in 1998 with some popular brands like Tous les Jours, CGV, and SCJ TV Homeshopping. Apart from business development activities, the Group has also conducted many activities for the sake of Vietnam’s community such as a chili growing project in Ninh Thuan province, a baking training course in Nghe An province, TOTO movie production course project, etc. For the purpose of "Accompanying the development", these projects have supported many Vietnamese people in creating a better life.