Through a closed breeding model combined with modern technology and techniques imported from the Netherlands, from the original source of diverse breeding pigs imported from the world's leading hatcheries and centers in the UK, Thailand, Denmark, USA, Canada, Taiwan, etc., CJ’s farm system annually supplies to the market more than 20,000 breeding pigs of all kinds.

Long Nguyen breeding pig farm: the first pig farm in CJ’s farm system was established in December 2012 at Ben San hamlet, Long Nguyen commune, Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province, 19 miles from the center of Bau Bang district, which is convenient for traffic and communication. Having 1,200 sows and over 10,000 market hogs, it is proud to be a farm specializing in supplying and producing F1 piglets for developing pig farms and a model for training technical staff meeting high standards for the farms in the system across the country. The area and layout of the cages are suitable for the management model of pig rotation in accordance with each production stage to help the staff to monitor pigs based on their types and ages. CJ's breeding pigs are supplied to the market to serve the needs of the breeders, well adapting to the climate.


CJ’s market hogs have high growth, low feed consumption, good slaughtering quality, which brings nice product display, high profit, and high efficiency for breeders. In addition, CJ has successfully researched and applied the perfect "180 days + 1" process in accordance with the development stages of the pigs to ensure that consumers are provided with the freshest and most delicious meat through Meat Master and Port Shop chains.

- Stage 1 (Day 1~28): Newborn piglets are fed with their mother's milk to strengthen their immune system.

- Stage 2 (Day 29~35): The farm has a closed breeding system with optimal conditions such as managing mixed feed, keeping pigs warm, etc. so that piglets can develop at their best.

- Stage 3 (Day 36~63): This is the best time for market hogs to develop, so high protein feed is added into the system for comprehensive development of pigs.

- Stage 4 (Day 64~180): Pigs are fed with high fiber feed to complete the production process of premium pork.

Plus 1 day: Pork is sold within the day a pig is slaughtered to ensure to be the freshest. CJ takes any factor seriously, from the sources of breeding pigs, feed, medicine, to raising methods to create safe and high-quality supply for consumers.

In addition, CJ’s farm system also complies with strict regulations on environmental protection, operating wastewater and waste treatment systems, ensuring that all wastes are collected and treated in compliance with allowed standards before being discharged into the environment. CJ is committed to ensuring the core values of the system, improving product values, providing a clean, safe, and traceable food sources for consumers, aiming to increase the value of livestock to a new level.

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CJ's first broiler breeder farm supplies to the market more than 36,000 breeders on average per month, operating under a closed farming model combined with modern science and technology.
CJ constantly focuses on researching and creating high-yield good-quality breeders that match consumers' tastes by applying scientific and technical advances in breeding.