FAQs What is “heat stroke” in chickens?

‘Heat stroke’ is one of the forms of ‘stress’ caused by the environment that leads to great economic losses to industrial chicken farms in tropical countries in general and in Vietnam in particular. ‘Heat stroke’ changes physiological functions of chickens, increases oxidative stress, imbalances the buffer system, weakens the immune system and intestinal health; which increases mortality rate, reduces feed intake, reduces weight gain, increases feed efficiency, thereby significantly reducing profits of farmers (Lara et al., 2013; Kumari et al., 2018; Goo et al., 2019)

Effects of tropical heat stroke on commercial broiler productivity.

FAQs CJ's technology in handling 'Heat Stroke' in commercial broilers
CJ Vina Agri has applied new technologies in the 'heat stroke relief' product for commercial broilers in the summer to strengthen antibodies, improve gut health, balance electrolyte and blood buffer systems. In addition, special diets used in the hot weather will minimize the release of excessive energy without affecting feed intake, thereby minimizing mortality, maintaining weight gain, ensuring efficient use of feed, and bringing profits for farmers.
  • The application of the AMINO ACID BALANCING LOW PROTEIN feed technology following the ideal protein sample made from 8 amino acids synthesized by CJ Bio (Lys; Met; Thr; Try; Val; Arg; His; Iso-Leu) and the optimal ratio of SID AA / TMEn - Standardized ileal tract digestible amino acids / True metabolizable energy corrected for nitrogen will reduce excessive energy generation in the hot weather while still providing enough energy for production when the ambient temperature drops, thereby ensuring normal productivity during the “heat stroke” season.
  • Apply IMMUNITY BOOSTER supplementary package extracted from natural products that activate the intestinal antibody system (Macrophase; Dendritic cell; Neutrophil; Natural killer; B cell; T cell) to destroy pathogens Imported from the digestive tract and increase resistance.
  • Add NEW PROBIOTICS (bacillus species) to maintain the balance of the intestinal microorganism flora towards increasing beneficial microorganisms, improving intestinal health, and maintaining the productivity of commercial broilers.
  • The optimal ratio of BALANCED ELECTROLYTES, trace minerals, and vitamins in CJ's 'heat stroke relief' diet will reduce the respiratory rate, reduce CO2 output, and balance the blood buffer systems, thereby minimizing the impact on the productivity of commercial broilers.