On April 28th, 2021, CJ Vina Agri accompanied Can Tho University to organize a tour of Long An factory for 25 students of Veterinary Medicine Faculty. The program is in the series of “CJ Vina Agri Factory Tour” which is held periodically for students from the Animal Medicine and Veterinarian major across the country.
CJ Vina Agri was pleased to welcome the teachers and students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Can Tho University to visit the Long An factory

Attending this event, on behalf of CJ Vina Agri, there were Dr.Kim Chung Huyn (Swine & Poultry R&D Director), Mr.Vuong Nam Trung (Animal R&T Manager), Mr.Bui Phuoc Ky Nam (Marketing Manager), Mr.Nguyen Trieu Duong (Long An Plant Manager), Ms.Nguyen Thi Linh (Training Assistant Manager). From the side of Can Tho University, there were the participation of Mr.Tran Ngoc Bich (Associate Professor, Doctor, Head of Department of Immunology and Epidemiology) and Ms.Nguyen Thu Tam (Instructor of Applied Biology) with 25 students from the Animal Medicine and Veterinarian major.

Dr.Kim Chung Huyn (Swine & Poultry R&D Director), representative of CJ Vina Agri’s Board of Directors, gave the opening speech of the program and shared the message from CJ Vina Agri to the students of Can Tho University.

The program is not only a tour to one of the leading modern animal feed factories in Vietnam today, but also gives students interesting and useful experiences. These are general information about CJ Group and CJ Vina Agri Company, along with new and practical knowledge about the company’s business model based on the development of a closed 3F value chain, including: industry Feed (animal feed, aquaculture), Farm industry (operate livestock farms) and Food industry (processing and distributing livestock meat).

Q&A part attracts the interest of students. They were excited to ask many questions related to CJ Group, CJ Vina Agri Company and career opportunities at the company.
Most of the students’ questions were answered carefully by the professional specialists at CJ Vina Agri. They also give sincere thanks to CJ Vina Agri for the helpful sharing and organizing the factory tour

At the same time, the program also helps students with the necessary information for career planning in the livestock sector. The University and the Faculty can better understand the needs of the company and the company can also directly recruit students to participate in internships or work later. From there, the students can well prepare necessary equipments as well as have a clear orientation for their own work in the future.

CJ Vina Agri wishes the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Can Tho University a lot of health and achievements on the path of study and career in the future.

This visit of students of Animal Medicine and Veterinarian Faculty – Can Tho University with CJ Vina Agri Long An factory has ended successfully. Through the program series “CJ Vina Agri Factory Tour”, the company also wants to convey to the students – the young generation of the Vietnam’s future – the message of its important mission to constantly learn and accumulate knowledge for the long journey ahead.

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