On August 23rd, Aqua KFF mid-term review was held at Vinh Long plant.

Beginning with the launching ceremony on May 25th at Dong Nai plant, KFF (short for Key Feeding Farm ) is the standard farm model, applying the most advanced caring program of CJ Vina Agri, be with customers during feeding time. The program is taking place at the Central, Eastern and Mekong Delta’s provinces.

During the program, CJ technician and sales staff will regularly visit, monitor and guide farmer how to handle the problems at farm in order to ensure the best growth for fish.

By the end of August 2018, many of CJ Vina Agri’s farms had achieved good fish growth, fast fish growth, low FCR.

On August 23rd, CJ Vina Agri held a meeting to exchange farm’s information, share the process of applying new models, practical experience, as well as award employees who had good performance in 4 months of operation.

At the meeting, the sales staff reported activities and the results (up to date) of the farm being selected as a standard farm. And share the advantages, as well as difficulties occurring during the operation.

CJ Vina Agri’s General Director is very pleased with the results of the program, he also believes that those farms will achieve remarkable results in order to expand this program on over Vietnam.

The award was not only aimed at evaluating mid-term activities, exchanging experience among camps, learning experiences, solving outstanding problems, but also encouraging CJ Vina Agri’s staff.

Through this program, CJ Vina Agri wishes to provide the farms with the best nutrition and care in order to help farmers harvest with the highest profit.

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